GG World Lottery – the biggest game on the planet

The first, licensed global online lottery. The biggest game on the planet with a $100 000 000 minimum guaranteed jackpot available worldwide thanks to local and offshore licenses, and a white label network, powered by White Lotto software.

Your chance to receive bonus on every GG World Lottery jackpot won!

The rule is simple – each time someone’s win the GG World jackpot you win with him! The 1% of jackpot is distributed among all token holders that have registered their Ethereum token-holding account in our website’s panel.
For the initial period of GG World Lottery operation, every registered token-holder will receive 1% bonus based on the ticket sales income. Sign up, fill up your token-holding Ethereum address and you’re done – just wait until someone’s win or try your luck by yourself as the game is already live!